A lot of people on the planet believe that their life depends on the astrology. When it comes to predicting the human activities and personalities, the most famous technique is the horoscope. It is a predicting system which is based on the zodiac signs. Every single person has their own personal zodiac sign which is determined by the person’s birthday. There are 12 zodiac signs and every sign has a unique zodiac symbol. For example, the Sagittarius sign has an Archer for a zodiac symbol. The sign’s duration starts from November 21 and it ends on December 21, which means that all people born in this period belong to this star sign. The most important element is the fire and it has a mutable quality.

This means that the people born in this sign can be extrovert, analyzers, understanding and adjustable. Other mutable signs are Pisces, Virgo and Gemini. Also, this zodiac sign has a zodiac ruler which is represented by Jupiter. On the other hand, its detriment is Mercury. It is believed that people born under this zodiac sign are interested in philosophy as well as in religion. They are open-minded and the knowledge is their priority. Sagittarians can be found in many professions such as teachers, philosophers, politicians, lawyers or public service workers and administration assistants. Their positive traits are that they are looking straight-forward to a certain situation; they are ethical, honest and have a good sense of humor. When it comes to their negative traits, the main characteristics are that they are impatient, tactless, blunt as well as they are enjoying in talking too much.

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