How To Choose Hotels Near Airport

In my experience, travel has been both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, travel is great and puts you out in the world to see new things and have new experiences. It makes you a better person and challenges you to do things you would have never done otherwise. That is the good side. On the downside, travel can be a real hassle. Airports and flying itself can be a far bigger pain than anyone bargains for, and many of us have found ourselves stranded in some distant city on an overnight layover or cancellation. When you are tired and the travel experience has got you down, the greatest sight in the world may just be that airport hotel nearby. The right airport hotel can help you work off that jetlag and get you started on the right foot the following day. The wrong airport hotel may end up costing you money for nothing in return. Not all airports are created equal of course, and in this guide I will offer my advice on how to choose hotels near airport.

Choose a quiet hotel

If you can look into it and figure this out ahead of time, choosing a hotel with soundproof windows is a good move. You want to be near the airport for the sake of convenience. You do not want to be near the sound of the airplanes. At a major airport, the runways are busy all night long, and the sound of jets taking off and landing, not to mention all of the other traffic associated with a major transportation hub, is something that just never stops. In short, the type of airport hotel you want to stay at will have windows that are thick, double paned, and soundproofed so that you can actually rest.

Walking distance matters

Another good tip is to try and get an airport hotel that is within walking distance of the airport. Being able to walk gives you more control and introduces fewer variables in your travel itinerary. If you are depending on a taxi or a shuttle, your pick up and arrival time will not necessarily be in your control. In addition, a taxi is an extra cost. In most cities, a ride to the airport is a flat fee no matter how far you go, so this extra cost could end up being a lot more than you expected. If the hotel is farther than you expected, try to book a place with a free shuttle that comes frequently.

Don’t forget about breakfast

You may not care too much about it at the moment, but having a hotel with complimentary breakfast is crucial in the morning when you need to go catch a flight. There are even some hotels that will pack up your breakfast to go if you are in a rush. It can also be important to know the type of neighborhood in which your hotel is located. A neighborhood with a shady reputation can be a bad sign, and certainly an indication to stay inside at night.

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