Where can I find Siemens Euroset 5005 manual?

 Siemens is one of the biggest electronics and electronic appliances producer in the world. The quality of its products has been supported by the millions of satisfied clients from all around the world who enjoy in the premium German quality and precision. So, if you are searching for new phone for your office or for your home, why not try one of the best products of Siemens, the Siemens Euroset 5005? The Siemens Euroset was released in 2008, along with several of other “colleagues“, such as the Siemens Euroset 5020. One of the best features of this analogue phone is that it is compatible with answering machine. It comes with number directory that can accommodate up to 255 numbers and names. The Siemens Euroset 5005 is unique, since it comes with SIM card reader/writer, which can be really practical if you need a number from your dead mobile phone. Just like the other Siemens peers, the Siemens Euroset 5005 is equipped with caller ID option with 30 phone numbers list. What makes the Siemens Euroset 5005 a great office phone is the option for conference call and call transfer functionality. The phone offers 12 hours of talking time and 120 hours of standby time. If you have lost your Siemens Euroset 5005 manual or you simply need it in electronic version, you can download it from the Internet. Here are the best web sites where you can find the manual for your Siemens Euroset 5005 in several world languages. You can choose to view the manual online or you can download it in your computer so you can consult it whenever you need to.  Sources: Maytag Quiet Series 300 Manual and Bosch Classixx 5 Manual

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